Does Coronavirus infect again to the same person?


Does Coronavirus infect again to the same person?

Coronavirus has been declared public health emergency worldwide, Scientists are working day and night in search of its vaccines and medicine so that somehow it can be prevented from spreading. The Number of cases has been increased so far.

Does coronavirus infect once more to the equal person? But the technological know-how remains uncertain. “There is some anecdotal proof of reinfections, but we sincerely don’t know,” says Ira Longini on the University of Florida.

It may be that the checks used were unreliable, that is a trouble with checks for other breathing viruses, says Jeffrey Shaman at Columbia University in New York.

Coronavirus infect again

According to scientists once an infection occurs, the human body develops immunity in opposition to it But there have been some cases in China in which humans were given re-contamination some weeks after their discharge from the hospital.

The case of a 70-year-old man has shocked the doctors. The coronavirus infection was found in this person, after which he was kept isolated from others in a hospital in Tokyo in February.

According to Japan’s news television, a 70-year-old man had recovered completely from COVID-19 and was also discharged from the hospital after his test results turned negative.

Coronavirus infect again to the same person

He had lower back to his regular life habitual and said following his ordinary lifestyle, But after some days, he become tormented by some health issues.

while the doctor tested him they were taken aback whilst a 70-year-vintage man check became positive, it became a clear indication that he is infected through coronavirus again.

It isn’t the only case of Japan to reach the medical institution again, there have been many such instances here when the contamination of this virus has been visible once more in those who have recovered from Coronavirus.

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There is a whole lockdown in India in order that the coronavirus infection may be reduced. in line with the research social distancing for the complete is the simplest key to guard themselves from coronavirus.