Here are some important tips to lose weight

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We know that gym is the most important aspect for weight loss. But simple diet and healthy lifestyle that can also help you to reduce weight, Even without lifting the heavy weight.

According to the health nutritionist Hitha Bhankharia, Eating balance meal will help you to lose weight. But to maintain the weight you have to regularly burn some calories by doing some exercise. A minimum 30 minutes of exercise is necessary for weight maintenance.

Studies founds that weight gain is often the result of bad diet or due to lack of exercise. What makes a person overweight or obese is consuming too much energy, beyond what you spend.

Here are some core facts that will help you to reduce weight

Eat fibre-rich food

Always remember one thing when you try to lose your weight first you should change your diet chart. Once you decide that you want to lose weight than it is essential to add fibre rich food in your diet. Fibre is mostly found in fruits and vegetables. Eating high fibre diet not only satiates you but also increase elimination of toxins substance from the body. Fibre binds with lipids and flushes them out of our system.

Drink plenty of water

Well we are pretty much aware that hydration is vital for weight loss, so ensure that you increase your fluid intake in your daily life.  It is very important for weight loss. Our body’s most basic functions require water.  We should daily consume at least 6 to 8 classes of water, 2-3 glasses of buttermilk, 1 glass of coconut water and 1 glass of lemon water. You can also consume herbal teas, tisane, thin soups and simple fresh vegetable and fruit juices.

Never skip breakfast

Breakfast is considered one of the most important meals of the day. Skipping breakfast is not a way to reduce weight; in fact it triggers weight gain. Eating breakfast also helps to kick start your metabolism and energizes the body.

Consume less alcohol

If you intake lot of alcohol than you should avoid it because nutritionist suggests that it contains too much calories. However, if you can’t give it up, eat a healthy balanced diet and then have one drink. Don’t amalgamate aerated drinks or energy drinks with alcohol as it increases calorific intake. If you want to achieve weight loss goal at a much faster space than you should avoid drinking.

Excess sleeping will be the sign of weight gain

We might now that excess sleeping also leads to weight gain. So if you want to reduce your weight than take 7-8 hours sleep. Because Over sleeping is linked to weight gain.