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Kerala makes COVID-19 safety rules mandatory for a year; here’s all you need to know

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In view of the raging coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak, the Pinarayi Vijayan-led state government in Kerala on Sunday extended the safety rules that are currently in place for the next one year, with the aim to cut down the spread of the virus.

On this day, the Kerala government announced an amendment to the state’s Epidemic Disease Ordinance and made the safety rules, including the wearing of masks in public and the social distancing protocols mandatory till July 2021.

The new and amended rules are called the ‘Kerala Epidemic Disease Corona Virus (COVID-19) Additional Regulations, 2020’.

Here’s what’s been mandatory in Kerala as per the new rules:

  • Wearing of Mask/Face Cover – All persons shall cover their mouth and nose with the mask/face cover in all public places, workplaces, any place where the public has access, all kinds of vehicles, and during transport.  
  • Social Distancing – Maintaining a social distance of six feet between person to person in all public places and functions

Other rules include protocols for holding marriage functions, funerals, and social gatherings. There are also operational rules for shops and commercial establishments, the prohibition of spitting in public places, and inter-stage carriage road transport.

Notably, India’s first COVID-19 case was reported in Kerala, earlier in January this year. Till now, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the state is 5,430, among which 2,228 are active cases while 3,174 patients have been cured or recovered. The death toll in the state lies at 26.

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