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Malaika Arora grateful for overcoming coronavirus with ‘minimum pain and discomfort’; shares her latest photo

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Two weeks after being tested positive for coronavirus, Malaika Arora revealed that she has overcome the virus. The actor posted her latest photo on her Instagram page in which she has stepped out of her room for the first time in many days. Malaika is seen wearing blue PJs with a black mask. She has braided her hair and covered herself with a black mask. Malaika shared the photo with an update about her health.

Arora wrote, “‘Out and about’… M finally out of my room after so many days, it feels like an outing in itself… I feel so blessed to have overcome this virus with minimum pain and discomfort. A big thanks to my doctors for their medical guidance, to BMC for making this process hassle-free, to my family for their immeasurable support and to all my friends, neighbours and fans for all their good wishes and the strength that I got from your messages and support. I can’t thank you all enough in words for what everyone has done for me in these difficult times. All of you please stay safe and take care.”

Check out the photo below:




Malaika had earlier shared a photo of her son Arhaan Khan and their pet canine Casper looking at her from a distance. She wrote. “‘Love knows no boundaries’. With our social distancing and self-quarantine in place, we still find a way to check on each other, see each other and talk. While my heart breaks to not be able to hug my two babies for another few days, just looking at their sweet faces gives me so much courage and energy to power through…. #thistooshallpass”.

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