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Was the west Bengal post-poll riot justified?

west Bengal post poll riot

The west Bengal post-poll riot

We all know that India is one of the largest democratic country in the world and we all are proud of this as being Indians. But if democracy means violence and riots after elections and that too including deaths of people, burning and looting of houses and more, then guess there is no need of such democracy because democracy means to serve people and elections are also conducted so that the party in power can work for well fare and development of public and the country.

 But here from two days we are seeing the riots taking place in west Bengal after the elections when we all know the situation is already worse because of day by day increasing rate of covid cases in the country. At such time of crisis both public and political parties should cooperate with each other and peacefully by taking all the measures conduct the elections but all are placing such riots which can worsen the situation.

Now after so much of violence, deaths and destruction BJP is putting an allegation that TMC workers have killed some of their workers and some are injured. Of course, which is totally denied by the TMC workers. So, basically on one is willing to take the responsibility of such disgusting thing. Because of all this Union Home Ministry has asked for a factual report from the State government on the incidents of attack on the opposite workers as soon as possible. After seeing the situation’s seriousness state’s DGP, Kolkata police Commissioner, Chief Secretary and many talked about the matter in detail and assured to investigate properly and will surely take strict actions against the real culprit.

 The only hope left is to wait and have faith that the government and law will take serious steps to make things right and provide justice to the suffered one to be proud of being a part of such a good democratic country once again before.

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