What is the effect of rain on Coronavirus?

What is the effect of rain on Coronavirus
What is the effect of rain on Coronavirus

Coronaviruses tend to be associated with winter because of how they are spread, during winters, people may center together indoors, increasing the number of people at risk of becoming infected by someone who is contagious.

In addition, it is transmitted. Viruses are spread through respiratory droplets that are released when an infected person coughs or sneezes and the droplets are more likely to spread under certain conditions.

“What we know is that they are [the droplets] are better at staying afloat when the air is cold and dry, ” says McGraw. “When the air is humid and warm, [the droplets] fall to the ground more quickly, and it makes transmission harder.

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Coronavirus is nowhere associated with rain, this season is not going to affect coronavirus patients or increase the spread.

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