What is the role of registered NGOs during COVID and its impact on mental health?

role of NGOs during covid and its mental health

Role of registered NGOs during COVID and its impact on mental health

Whenever it comes to Covid19 it always brings those sorrowful and helpless moments in front of our eyes when the cases started increasing in a very high speed and the government was unable to handle the sudden worsen situation for the time being. It is not that the situation is good we have recovered from this pandemic situation completely, but at least now we are aware how to handle the situation instead of panicking instantly.

At that time when government was strangling so much to handle the situation registered NGOs resulted as a very good helper of government. When there was no transportation available for all the migrating people and they decided to walk for reaching their destinations then with government many NGOs decided to help these people a little bit by providing them certain necessary thing like food, little shelters while travelling, clothes to reduce cold, etc. In the initial phase of this pandemic when people were not able to understand the seriousness of this disease and unable to pay that much attention towards the basic guidelines and precautions asked by government then those NGOs decided to try to make more and more awareness among the public about the seriousness of the disease and also made them understand the importance of those necessary precautions to fight back this thought time that the whole world is suffering from.  

Not only this, when people were panicking around after this sudden increase of cases thus was not able to find the beds in the hospital and not to forget when most of the people were mentally disturbed and really depressed because of loss of jobs, loss of businesses, lockdown for such a long time and many more thing they decided to make people calm and relaxed by motivating them to fight with the situation like warriors and trying their best to reduce the mental stress of people.

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