Social Media As An Escape Point

Human beings are social creatures and that’s why they need people and relationships to express themselves, their thoughts, emotions and this only makes them more developed and recognizable. This is the common nature of every human being and if this is not there in someone’s life, they may suffer from depression, loneliness, and may have negative thoughts. It doesn’t matter that the person is introvert or extrovert every person needs mental support and love from someone on their side at some point in their life.

But nowadays people are trying to escape from their stressed life and depression by diverting their minds towards social media instead of spending time with friends and family and enjoying and positively relieving stress. They think that this social media/ fake world is not a good and permanent solution to happiness and stress reliever.

Why do we need social media to escape? Why do we allow outsides and unknown people to control our happiness and emotions? They forgot that before social media also people were living, working, and enjoying their life on their own terms instead of finding an escape point. Social media and technology advancement is just for making our life more stable and comfortable. It does not mean that we can make it an escape point to forget everything going on in our lives and forget to find happiness with our close one and the one who loves us.

We always think that if we feel lonely, we can just involve ourselves in social media and pay our whole attention to the people we don’t even know and ignore the people loving and caring for us. Instead of taking technology and social media as an escaping point, we can use them just for some enjoyment and exposure. We should prioritize the present with us instead of a fake world where everyone has a mask on their faces. In this way, it will sort our life and relationship with loved ones and make us positive and healthy both physically and mentally.

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